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Are You Moving To A New Home?

When it comes time to move to a new home, your first instinct is probably to ask friends and family members to help you. After all, it’s cheaper than hiring local movers in the Bay Area. Even if you do use a Bay Area moving and storage service for your move, you might still need to resort to asking for help if it turns out to be a big project.

Find The Right Help For Your Move

Chances are that you can always find at least one or two people who will be willing to help you move no matter what, but there are still things that you need to consider when you have to ask for their help. First of all, you need to remember that they are doing you a huge favor. Moving to a new home is a lot of work, and it usually requires people to set aside their entire day if they’re going to help you. You should never forget that it’s a lot to ask of anybody, even if you have the kinds of friends who will drop what they’re doing to help you. Let them know that you greatly appreciate what they’re doing for you and that you will return their favor somehow. This also means that you shouldn’t take it personally if someone says that they can’t help you. Professional Bay Area moving and storage companies work around a schedule to help you. Your friends have their own lives, and they can’t be expected to put them on hold for you at the drop of a hat.

Give People Enough Time To Help You

Since helping anybody move is such a huge undertaking that usually lasts an entire day, you also need to give your prospective volunteer movers plenty of notice before your move-in date. You should be asking people at least a week ahead of time if you want their help. Frantically texting everyone you know the night before your move is a surefire way to be stuck packing everything on your own. While we’re on the subject of timing, try to arrange to have your moving day to fall on a weekend since you’ll have more people who will be able to help you.

Give Incentive To Help

If you are able to have several friends show up and help you move, make sure you provide some refreshments and even some food if they’re going to stick with you all day. Not only is it a nice gesture that shows your appreciation, but it will also help keep your movers hydrated as they work harder to move your heavier furniture and boxes.

Hire Professional Bay Area Movers To Make Your Next Move Easier

Finally, know when you need to ask for professional help. As helpful as your family and friends might be, there are professional movers in the Bay Area who will be able to handle your belongings much more safely than any of your friends and family members. While you’re calling your friends to find out which ones will be willing to help you out, take a look at the local movers that are in your area as well. Visit our website HERE to learn more or to get more info on residential moves or a free quote.

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