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Do Your Items Require Climate Control?

Millions of us entrust our prized possessions to storage facilities for safekeeping, temporarily and often long term, with the help of Bay Area moving companies. It’s become a fact of modern life: space is often at a premium at home (and office), and relocation is frequent in today’s fast-moving world. These facts mean that self storage is something most people consider at some point. When placing your precious items in a storage unit, Bay Area movers advise you to consider unit size and ease of accessibility, location and facility hours. You may also be given the option of climate control. 

What Does Climate Control Really Mean?

Each company may define climate control differently, so you should ask the storage company representative before committing your belongings to a storage facility. In the self-storage industry today, climate-controlled storage typically means the space is kept at a “safe” temperature above freezing (32 degrees F) and below about 90 degrees F. Some Bay Area moving and storage companies also offer humidity control, keeping the air’s moisture content at a medium level. When offered, humidity is typically kept at about 55 percent–but ask the moving and storage company to make sure. 

Do You Really Need Climate Control? Climate-Controlled Self Storage Benefits

Climate control features may add from 20 to 50 percent to your self-storage bill. If you’re only storing for a short period of time, and doing so in a temperate climate, you may be able to get by just fine with standard self storage. But don’t risk it if you’ll be storing truly valuable items. Temperature extremes may cause color changes, such as yellowing or fading. Texture changes are also possible, such as cracking or warping. Rot, rust or mold may develop in moist air. Items might also melt and stick together, and even disintegrate, when heat climbs and air becomes very dry.

These items are most vulnerable. When storing these possessions, long distance moving companies in the Bay Area recommend renting a climate controlled storage unit:

  • Leather and wood furniture.
  • High-end clothing, such as a leather jacket, and keepsake clothing, like a wedding gown.
  • Musical instruments.
  • Books.
  • Important papers and documents.
  • Photographs, paintings and artwork.
  • Videotape, cassettes/audiotape and vinyl LPs/records.
  • Electronic devices or computer equipment.
  • Sports equipment, like your tennis rackets or golf clubs.
  • Mattresses or bedding.
  • Appliances.
  • Collectibles.
  • Anything expensive or irreplaceable, with historical or sentimental value.
  • Anything considered heirloom or museum-quality.

Are You Looking for Bay Area Movers?

At Magic Moving, our team of experienced Bay Area movers specializes in moving your precious items and storing them securely. We offer a clean, dry and temperature-controlled storage environment. Based in Walnut Creek, we do local Bay Area relocation and long distance moves. 

Contact Magic Moving for a free quote on moving and storage, including climate control, if desired.

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