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When you finally decide to move homes, there is always the nagging feeling that someone is going to garnish your security deposit check. It is endlessly exhausting to argue back and forth about what should be deducted from your deposit and what should not. To avoid this kind of hassle, you need to prepare long before that time comes.

Here is a guide to what you can do to ensure that your security deposit is released upon moving:

When moving into a new apartment, take a good look at the agreement

Most agreements talk about what form of deposits are required and what it takes to get them back when the renter decides to move. If you are familiar with the conditions when you move in, then you are going to do right by the book when the time to move out rolls by.

Carry out inspections when moving in

Most of us are aware that damages are deducted from the deposits submitted upon moving in. To ensure that you will never get billed for something that was already faulty before you moved in, then look around with the land lord and look at the apartment before actually signing your lease.

When moving out, leave appliances clean

If your fridge or oven looks dirty at the time of moving, then it is easy to create the appearance of poor maintenance or even the existence of fault. At the very least, they’re going to charge you to have it cleaned.

Be there when the final inspection is carried out

People will come with all sorts of reasons as to why they are billing you for this and that, but the best idea would be for you to see why someone is deducting bucks off your deposit. If the toilet is leaking, then you have to see that for yourself and be certain of the state of affairs at the time of moving.

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