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Long Distance Moving Tips

One of the major way that you can avoid pitfalls when moving is by taking your time and plan your move carefully. You will need to differentiate between a local move and a long distance move. Prior to moving, you should make a point of reaching out to the various moving companies and see what they have to offer. With that said, if you are planning for a long distance move and you want the process to be as smooth as possible, here are some of the major tips to put under consideration.

Insure Your Belongings

Over long distances, the chances of the unexpected happening are very high, especially when your belongings are being moved from one location to another. Moving is an exceedingly risky business according to the statistics recently released by the America Moving and Storage Association. Thus, before moving, you should be fully prepared for anything by getting the proper coverage. With that said, it is exceedingly important to determine as to whether you want to purchase a basic coverage or go for the full value coverage. If you are not able to determine what kind of coverage will work for you, you should ask the moving company to explain what the main differences between the two coverage is so that you will be able to make a more informed decision.

Pack Your Belongings

When moving from one place to another, your belongings will not only be handled by several teams of workers but also they will be transported over a long distance. Thus, you should make a point of ensuring that everything is well packed and cushioned inside boxes. You should make a point of confirming that every box has been fully packed and nothing is loose. The containers which are inside the boxes must be well sealed, since there instances when the boxes will be turned upside down or on their side. This in turn also means that you will need to purchase high quality moving boxes instead of using gas station boxes.

Keep Items that You Will Need with You

Important documents such as your driver’s license, passport, social security card and birth certificates must always be kept close to you. If you are going to require documents like tax returns, bank statements before the arrival of your shipment, then do not pack these items in boxes. You are undoubtedly going to require some of these documents when you are starting or looking for a job. Other items that you may need include hygiene products, sleeping materials, clothes and a few other things to keep you sane.

Inspect Outdoor Furniture

It is extremely important to inspect your outdoor furniture or any other items that you suspect for signs of larvae or insect infestation. There are several moving regulations, which are in place to prevent the transportation of contaminants across states. For more information on this, you can ask for Government pamphlets, which contain more information on these regulations and how you can rid your larvae, moth or any other pests from your furniture.

It is important to note that not all long distance moving companies are the same.

Thus, it is exceedingly important to do a little bit of research to ensure that the movers or moving company you will select is of high quality. Magic Moving, is a highly reputable company that will address all our moving needs. From the long distance move itself, to packing and storage services.

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