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Storage facilities come in handy any time belongings can’t come home with you yet. Renting storage is useful during a move as a way to reduce the clutter of packed boxes, especially when it’s important for the home to look its best in the interim. Storage of some goods is a sensible option during a temporary relocation, as when a job shifts to another city or country for a limited time. It’s also useful for temporary downsizing, as when a new home can’t be moved into right away, and sometimes for permanent downsizing or settling an estate, when short-term storage can take the urgency out of selling off furnishings. One question to ask if you’re considering storage is whether you want a self-service facility or the full-service option available from a moving and storage company like Magic Moving & Storage.

With self-storage, you are responsible for the packing, sorting, and transportation. In exchange, you get 24-hour access and a somewhat lower cost. Naturally, you may move the items yourself or hire furniture movers. Self-service warehouses differ a good deal in what they offer and in prices. It’s important to know up front the rate plans for the intended term of use and also for longer-term storage should your plans change; find out how much notice you must give should this occur. Other terms to look out for are costs of standard insurance cover and of higher-value insurance cover as needed, and how the facility communicates with you in case anything is amiss, such as late payments or the company wishing to move your belongings for any reason. You will probably want to get a look at the storage units before signing a contract. Some units are on upper floors accessed by elevator; others are accessible from the parking area.

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Office and residential movers that offer storage make a very handy package: they do everything from professionally packing your household to getting the selected items into their storage facility. This option is ideal for long-term storage where having the items professionally wrapped and protected provides peace of mind. Your goods are inventoried during packing, then secured in a wooden container right in your driveway; the container remains untouched until you are ready for it to be delivered to its destination. Full-service storage is not designed for ready access to individual items, but if you expect to need a portion of your belongings before delivery of the full container, ask about this during your consultation with the moving company while you’re discussing full details of the moving and storage deal.

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