Proper planning and preparation is key to an easy, successful move.

Follow our moving checklist ensure a smooth residential relocation.

moving and storage week 8

  • Start Organizing ‘Keep’ ‘Toss’ ‘Sell’ ‘Donate’ this will take 1-4 weeks to finish. It will be simple to complete if you commit to doing a little everyday. Go through all rooms, closets, cabinets, drawers, attic, basement, garage. This is one of the single most important tasks you can do to save money and ease personal stress when unpacking!
  • Call to order a dumpster or ‘Junk-Hauler’ for ‘Toss’ items
  • Call Goodwill to schedule a pick-up for your ‘Donate’ items
  • Schedule a garage sale or consignment pick-up (by week 4) or start posting on Craig’s List to ‘Sell’ items
  • Begin packing your ‘Keep’ items into moving boxes… or hire Magic Moving & Storage to do your packing in 1-Day!
  • Shred important documents you do not want
  • Make sure your medical visits are current
  • Make sure your pet’s vaccinations are up to date


  • Send “change of address” to post office
  • Send “change of address” to family & friends
  • Call Magic Moving & Storage to reserve / confirm your move date.
  • Plan your air travel or driving route
  • Magic Moving & Storage transports autos/motorcycles, ask for details.

moving and packing week 4

  • Update address, cancel services, transfer services or sign up with new services:

    • Telephone, Cell Phone
    • Bank, Credit Cards
    • Gas, Electric
    • Water, Garbage
    • Cable, Internet
    • Home Security
  • Schedule dis-assembly PRIOR to moving day for: pool tables, swing sets, exercise equipment, wall mounted flat-screens and speakers – IMPORTANT
  • Make list of all ‘must have’ items to take with you/family

packing and storage tips

  • Decide what you want to do with items you could not ‘Sell’ – IMPORTANT
  • Connect utilities and services at your new home
  • Arrange time off from work to be present on move day-IMPORTANT
  • Arrange babysitter / petsitter on moving day-IMPORTANT
  • Clean heavy dirt & webs off any outdoor / garage items
  • Empty the oil/gas tanks of power tools
  • Deplete the food from your refrigerator/freezer/pantry

moving and relocation days

  • Advise carrier if you purchased any new household goods
  • Remove all permanently affixed items from walls/ceilings 
  • Finish using appliances, allow to drain and dry out
  • Clean, defrost and drain refrigerators and freezers (1-2 days prior)
  • Get a cooler to preserve remaining food (1-2 days prior)
  • Set aside clothes and toiletries  you need for personal travel
  • Check your list – set aside all your/family  ‘must haves’
  • Separate keys that ‘Go’ or ‘Stay’

moving day tasks

  • Put your clothing, toiletries and all your/family ‘must haves’ a secure area to be taken with you (automobile)
  • Plan for meals, eat breakfast, pack a lunch, use disposable plates and utensils
  • At the start of your move point out any items of special concern and ‘high value’ to your crew & driver
  • Confirm phone numbers, email and addresses with driver before departing
  • Do a final check with the moving crew: walk through all rooms, closets, storage areas and sheds before driver leaves residence – IMPORTANT

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