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A List Of Everything You Don’t Need When Moving


We’re all guilty of accumulating more stuff than our homes can hold. Here are 10 things you need to eliminate before you call Bay Area movers.

1. Clothes you don’t wear or don’t like.
Before you move, purge. Rid yourself of clothes that don’t fit or don’t make you feel confident, and regift them to a charity like Goodwill.

2. Old makeup and perfume.
If you’ve had makeup or perfume for more than a few years, it’s time to say “goodbye.” Decide what you’ll never use because it no longer suits your style and clean out that old eyeliner, lipstick, gloss and blush.

3. Stuff you have borrowed.
Don’t leave for your new home until you have returned all of the items you borrowed from friends or family members. Make a big pile of all the borrowed items, and send a mass email to your “lenders” to come and get what’s theirs before you toss it.

4. Extra buttons.
If you’ve saved up extra buttons over the year, consider throwing them out before you leave your current home. Or donate them to Goodwill.

5. Old papers.
Don’t transport paperwork you don’t need from one home to another. Instead, take it to a local recycling center. Be sure to shred any papers will sensitive info, like your Social Security Number.

6. Extra toys.
If your children have toys they don’t play with anymore, donate them to a local daycare, church or charity.

7. Unused appliances.
Unused appliances take up space and collect dust. Give them to someone who might enjoy them more to reduce the clutter in your kitchen.

8. Old towels.
Chances are you have more towels than you need. Dispose of some of the older ones before you call the professional movers.

9. Extra wires and cables.
If you have cables and wires you don’t use – what on Earth is this red cord for? – just get rid of them. You can always make a trip to Best Buy later if you need more cords for something.

10. Unmatched earrings.
Earrings with no mates are virtually useless. Don’t take them with you to your new home.

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Clutter-free Moving with Our Reliable Bay Area Moving Company!

Once you have cleared out these items, you’re ready to roll. Call the best moving company in the area and start packing. Magic Moving is here to help with your big transition. Call us now at  (877) 246-2442!

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