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Moving can be stressful even if you are moving from one side of town to the other. When it is a long distance move, it comes with it’s own unique challenges. Are you planning on relocating from one state to another? We’ve got you covered! Make your move an easier one with these 10 tips for interstate moving:

A Livermore Moving Company Offers Some Tips For Your Interstate Move

1. Start With A List

While most interstate moving companies make their own inventory list, it’s best to come up with your own as well. Make a list of “to do” items to keep you on track. Checking them off the list as you go will also give you a sense of satisfaction in seeing the progress you are making. Another great place to list is on boxes. Write a small list of items that are inside the box on the outside of the box and what room it will go in at the new house. 

2. Give Yourself An Allowance

Packing should be done way ahead of schedule, over the course of a couple weeks before the actual move if possible. Remember that the less time you have to pack your things the more stressful the act becomes. Plus, you can spend the extra time saying good-bye to friends and neighbors.

3. Throw Away The Clutter

Long distance moving can cost a lot if you’re bringing all your things. Now is the time to take stock of all your stuff and throw away, donate or sell the things you’re not using at the moment. Having the least amount of stuff possible packed up when your local Bay Area movers show up will help keep the costs down.

4. Do Some Spring Cleaning

You’ll want to leave a clean home behind so you can start anew. This is a great task to do while working on item #3 above. DeClutter while you clean the place up. Plus, you can gather all your belongings and make a list of what you need to bring.

5. Homeowner Insurance

Most local movers have their own valuation coverage, but it’s better if you have homeowner’s insurance that covers the interstate move.

6. Get The Right-Sized Boxes

A good Livermore moving company should provide you everything you need to pack up your things, including the proper packing boxes. If not, visit the nearest home improvement store and get moving kits, packing materials and durable boxes. A quick check on Craigslist may also turn up free or cheap moving boxes someone else needs to get rid of. 

7. Pack Properly

Your things must be able to survive a long distance move, and for that you’ll need proper packing skills. You can browse the web for useful information on how to pack things the right way. Don’t skimp on this task or you will get to your new house with broken items.

8. Sell Old, Large Appliances

It may be better to sell your old appliances and buying new ones when you get to your new home. You save up on moving costs and replace old items that could break down within the year.

9. Protect Your Furniture

Your residential movers should look over each furniture and ensure that there’s enough bubble wrap and padding to prevent scrapes and damage while the truck is en route to the destination. Fragile items such as glass, ancient ornaments and heirlooms should have their own transport crates to maximize safety.

10. Hire Reputable Movers

Don’t just hire the first moving company you see. Do your research and find out the company’s reputation online and from previous clients. You’ll want a smooth moving experience that’s on time and will get your things  to your new home in one piece.

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