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The COVID-19 pandemic created many impacts across America. Of course, there were significant pressures on our healthcare system due to the large numbers of COVID-related illnesses. Shopping behaviors shifted more strongly to online purchasing. And many businesses moved their employees to remove work, dramatically accelerating a trend that had been in progress during prior years. Increased remote work continues for many companies, and now some significant downsizing related to recessionary economic trends is also taking place. If you are considering downsizing, it is time to contact expert commercial movers in the Bay Area. 

How Many Businesses Have Reduced Their Office Space?

According to a study conducted by in August 2021, 41 percent of 1,250 businesses surveyed had downsized their office space since March 2020, and an additional 39 percent indicated they were considering closing some office space during the following six months. 

Why Are Businesses Downsizing?

Downsizing office space has taken place because many businesses have changed their work processes to embrace more remote work: 

  • Technology and company operating systems now make remote work effective. 
  • Employees have indicated that they prefer remote work. 
  • Increasing costs of real estate and office maintenance now make smaller offices more cost-effective.  
  • Economic trends have pushed companies to smaller populations of employees. 
  • Some companies have chosen to downsize strategically to improve employee collaboration and boost productivity. 

Whenever downsizing, it is critical to work with professional business movers in the Bay Area. An office move is no task for novices. 

Tips When Choosing to Downsize Office Space

When choosing to downsize, plan carefully to save money and deliver your desired results. Use these tips: 

  1. Determine why you want to downsize and establish a goal to achieve with your new office space.  
  2. Communicate your plans and schedule with all your employees. Be transparent about your goals. 
  3. Define the number of employees that you will need to provide space for and determine their physical support needs. Identify what physical elements you have compared to what you will need. 
  4. Identify the wasted space in your current facility. 
  5. Design your new workspace. That should include rethinking your workspace needs, rethinking common areas, and planning for some private spaces. Also, plan with employee safety in mind. 
  6. Hire professional Bay Area commercial movers. 

Benefits of Hiring an Expert Moving Company in Livermore

Hiring professional Bay Area business movers means that you will minimize downtime in the move. They will have the right equipment and trained manpower for the job, and they (not you or your employees) will do the heavy lifting. They will help with the new office installation. They are insured. They will save time, money, and headaches. 

Find the Best Commercial Movers in the Bay Area

Call the professionals at Magic Moving & Storage, the choice for cost-effective, problem-free, and on-time office moving and relocation in the Bay Area. We have extensive experience in relocating many types of businesses. 

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