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Moving to or from El Dorado Hills? For both businesses and individuals, relocating to El Dorado Hills will bring you a quieter lifestyle, yet it’s close to city amenities. Magic Moving company in El Dorado Hills is the top choice for residential moving, office and business moving services, packing and storage services. We have professionally trained relocation specialists skilled in logistics, as well as short and long distant moving.
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Skilled Packing Experts
Moving to a new location like El Dorado Hills can be challenging enough. Don’t stress about how you are going to pack your items. Leave this up to the professionals. Our extensive experience with packing means that your valuable items will be carefully handled, utilizing carefully developed packing techniques. These include box labeling for content and destination, crating for over-sized and fragile items, and more.

El Dorado Hills Storage Services
Safe and Organized Storage Facility
Are your boxes packed and ready to go, but lacking in sufficient storage space for your items? Have you gotten halfway through packing before realizing that you are in need of additional storage space? Whether you’re moving large or small items, Magic Moving in El Dorado Hills has your storage needs covered. We have fast, friendly workers who are dedicated to keeping your items damage-free and handled with the best care. We pack or you pack. This decision is completely up to you and your budget.

  • ON-TIME Crews
  • ALL moving equipment INCLUDED
  • Convenient Disassembly & Reassembly
  • Homes, Condos, Apartments
  • City, Suburbs, Rural areas
  • We Protect your home!
  • We Wrap your furniture!
  • FREE USE of Wardrobe Boxes!
  • Efficient Loading Time
  • Efficient Unloading Time
  • Proper technique to Eliminate Damage
  • We pack most homes in 1-DAY!
  • Flat Screens
  • Artwork & Fragiles
  • Electronics
  • Custom Crates
  • We’ll provide all packing material and labor
  • Our packers ensure your items are safe for transport
  • Schedule your PICK-UP & DELIVERY!
  • Furniture is wrapped to eliminate damage
  • We have Motorcycles, Jet ski storage too!
  • Specialty items are handled with care
  • Get the most Space for your $1!!!
  • 24-Hr Security, Climate Control, Clean

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Packing and Moving to El Dorado Hills

El Dorado Hills lives up to its name with a picturesque location in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. El Dorado Hills is ideally situated between the San Francisco Bay Area and Lake Tahoe. Parklands and open space abounds. The schools here are top notch. El Dorado Hills is located just a short distance from the popular recreation destination of Folsom Lake in the nearby city of Folsom. Local residents as well as those living in the Sacramento Valley, come to the popular El Dorado Hills Hills Town Center, that features many exciting events, such as concerts, festivals, shopping, and a plethora of dining options.

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El Dorado Hills Attraction

Located in the scenic Sierra Foothills in El Dorado County, Holly’s Hill Vineyard produces delectable Rhone varietal wines. Howefortunate

El Dorado County Fair

El Dorado County Fair is great for family fun. Suz956

Helpful El Dorado Hills Resources
El Dorado Hills Community Services District
(916) 933-6624
1021 Harvard Way, El Dorado Hills, CA 95762
El Dorado Hills Chamber website
(916) 933-1335
2085 Vine Street, Ste. 105, El Dorado Hills, CA 95762
El Dorado County School Districts

Movers El Dorado Hills CA – A Moving Company you can TRUST!


Your El Dorado Hills movers should be licensed by the DOT and insured by an industry insurance provider. Magic Moving & Storage always follows ethical & best business practices, procedures as recommended by the BBB, American Moving & Storage Association, and the California Moving & Storage Association. We keep our customers best interests in mind! Be weary of rouge and unlicensed movers promoting very low estimates – this usually results in hidden fees, substandard moving practices, damages and an overall unsatisfactory customer experience. Our customers can TRUST that Magic Moving & Storage is upfront, honest and practical! We are a CERTIFIED, LICENSED & INSURED Moving Company.

  • Always upfront pricing! No hidden fees!
  • CAL T – 190231 MC – 383588
Movers El Dorado Hills CA – Over 100,000 relocations since 1990!

Magic Movers in El Dorado Hills, CA has a long standing reputation for Caring Customer Service with a smile! Our rates are always competitive even for the outstanding level of service we provide to every customer! Our customers consistently tell us…

“The crew was so POLITE and CAREFUL!”

“The staff in your office was SO HELPFUL!”

“The move was by far the BEST & EASIEST move!”

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El Dorado Hills Movers Local Movers and Long Distance Movers

Not seeing what you were looking for? Contact Us — Let’s discuss the goals you have for your Local or Long Distance El Dorado Hills CA-Bay Area movers and see how we can help you.
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