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Hacks for a More Marketable Home

A time comes in life when a home no matter how lovely and sentimental you just have to go when the sold sign’ is placed in front of it. There are lots of tips that are given before a house or property can be put up for sale.

Residential properties have to make a lot of changes to ensure that it is more marketable in the competitive real estate. Professional movers are the next set of persons you need to contact when you are about taking out your valuables from that property.

Keeping a property clutter free and clean is not the only tip that will make a home sell. There are hacks for a more marketable home you can make use of before contacting the movers;

Counter tops replacement

The bathrooms and kitchens are a major aspect of the home that will sell it fast. It is imperative that outdated, old or worn out countertops are replaced with newer and stylish counters that will add value and appeal to the buyer.

Refinish Stain or Paint Decks and Concrete Areas

Stained surfaces or wooden decks should be refinished before showing it to potential home buyers. The concrete areas like the patios and garage floors should look good and clean to make it inviting to people who are coming to see the property for the first time.

To Improve Light Fixtures

The exterior and interior light fixtures should be carefully analyzed. Old or worn light fixtures can really put a damper on a space. Good lighting makes all the difference in a room.

Storage Spaces with Shelving

Storage is always a great sell. Basements, garages, attics and closets are some of the areas to add shelves. Painting these shelves will make them more attractive to the buyers.

Replacing Window Blinds

A lot of homes are designed with aluminum semi blinds that can be upgraded to something modern and more beautiful like the plantation or faux wood shutters.

You’ve made the upgrades and you sold your home. Now it’s time to move! 

A moving company will reduce the stress or even the exhausting time and process that is involved while moving.

It does not matter if you are moving across the next street or out of the country, without getting a proper planning, movement can be dared. With the help of

With the help of a residential moving company like Magic Moving, you are saved a lot of challenges. Magic Moving can help you with moving local, long distance, internationally, storage and packing.

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