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Tips for Helping Kids with a Move

Preparations for moving are already quite stressful for most people. They involve preparing a budget, creating to-do lists, and planning details months in advance. However, a long distance move, even with the assistance of qualified Bay Area interstate movers, can be even more complex if you have children. Besides taking care of all the physical preparations, you need to mitigate your children’s trauma, embarrassment, sadness at leaving a familiar location, and loneliness at the thought of losing friends. Your thoughtful explanations are major factors in helping your kids see the move in a positive light. Here are some tips on how to ready children for long distance moves.

Talk About the Move

Children become attached to their familiar friends, schools, and general environments, and it is not easy for them to abandon them all and go somewhere else. It is crucial that you take the time to discuss the move with your kids. Encourage questions and give them honest answers. Go over the details of the move with them, and if you have hired an experienced Bay Area moving company, assure your children that all their possessions will arrive at the new location safely. The move may be difficult for you as well, but always maintain a positive attitude about it in front of your kids.

Special Considerations for Small Children

Babies, toddlers, and preschool-aged kids will likely not have objections to a change of environment, but if your children are old enough to understand, it is still important to explain the move to them. You can even use some of their toys to illustrate the move and make it seem like a fun adventure. Visit your new home with them in advance if possible, and when you make the move, set up their new room the same as their old one.

Special Considerations for School-Age Children

Children who are old enough to go to school will need a more comprehensive explanation about the move. For them, it means adapting to new friends and new teachers. Take the time to answer all of their questions in a positive manner. Select their new school in advance of your move, and keep all the documents you’ll need for enrollment in a handy place.

Special Considerations for Teenagers

Teenagers are developing minds of their own, and they may be least amenable to leaving their friends and the schedules and environments they have become comfortable with. You will have to talk with them in depth, and especially go over the benefits of the move. Point out the advantages of their new school. Give them all the time they need, and reassure them that they will be able to remain in contact with their old friends.

Hire Expert Long Distance Movers in the Bay Area

Hiring expert Bay Area long distance movers will minimize your stress and allow you to concentrate on making the move as easy on your kids as possible. For the best in Bay Area moving and storage services, contact Magic Moving, a Walnut Creek local and long distance moving company.

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