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Are You Planning a Local or Long Distance Move?

When you are looking for long distance movers in the Bay Area, the smartest thing you can do is research, according to both the BBB and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. Moving can be stressful and costly, and so there are good rules of thumb to follow. The first and most important is to remember that local movers in the Bay Area are not going to cost the same as long distance movers, because the time and mileage involved become substantially greater (as well as the issue of additional charges in the case of long distance moving). The size and distance of your move are going to make all the difference in how much it costs and how much stress will be involved in the matter.

Preparation is Key!

Planning in advance is helpful, because depending on the size of what is being moved, you could be adding hours if not days to your move. Actual packing time and other considerations should be taken into account. This is why one of the smartest things that can be done during planning is asking yourself about what can be downsized. Keeping older furniture you were already considering replacing should not become a question of sentimental value during a move, as you’re looking at time and money added for something you weren’t really sure you needed. Those decisions shouldn’t be made when the movers are already on the clock, so be ready to know what you are willing to give up or donate beforehand, saving you time and money later.

Finally, when discussing long distance moving companies in the Bay Area, distance is key to figuring out overall costs. Local movers in the Bay Area are much cheaper than long distance ones because of the time involved. Long distance moves usually include line haul charges (charges based on the weight that you are moving the items.) A good average to work with is around $.50 a pound for the items you are moving, so if you are looking at costs, the biggest change you can make to your move is downsizing what you are moving. Once you are moving long distance, travel time per pound becomes a factor, so make sure that if you are making a long-distance move, you are focused on moving what you need to avoid surprise charges later.

Are You Looking for Long Distance Movers in the Bay Area?

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