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Keep these Long Distance Moving Tips in Mind

A long distance move can be thrilling and life-changing. However, it is crucial to keep in mind that there are major differences between moving locally and moving long distance. Here are some tips from long distance movers in the Bay Area to help you lessen the stress and enhance the enjoyment of your move.

Prepare Ahead of Time

Your preparations for a long distance move should begin far ahead of the moving date. For instance, you can save a significant amount of money by purging what you don’t need or can easily replace rather than transporting it across the country. This may include inexpensive furniture, winter clothes, blankets, books, games, and toys. For items you decide to keep, compile detailed inventory checklists for yourself and for the Bay Area movers that are handling your belongings. Before you transport outdoor furniture, check for pest infestation. Insure the goods you are transporting to avoid financial disaster in case something goes wrong.

Pack Efficiently

When you pack, organize your belongings in an efficient manner. Place items in boxes according to the rooms that they belong in. Mark each box with your name and its designated location in your new home. You may also want to separately pack items that you’ll need to use soon after you arrive. Remember that during a long distance move numerous workers will handle your belongings. For this reason, purchase sturdy boxes and pack them so that nothing is loose inside. Ensure that they are well cushioned and well sealed. Take extra care to pack your mattress in a secure box so that it doesn’t get soiled or damaged in transit.

Avoid Packing Certain Items

You should not expect Bay Area moving companies to transport food or drink. There is too much risk of items getting torn, crushed, or broken and then attracting vermin. It is also best not to pack other types of household liquids because of the risk of damage. Additionally, don’t pack anything that you might need at your new home before the movers arrive. Keep with you items such as ID and other personal documents, toiletries, sleeping materials, and clothing.

Consider Children and Pets

The times when movers are clearing out your old home and transferring items into your new home can be confusing and hectic. Since you’ll likely be busy overseeing the process, consider getting a sitter for your children or pets so that they will be distracted, content, and out of the way.

Plan for Arrival

If you’re moving into a building with other tenants, be sure to clear the move with the manager. Find out whether a large tractor trailer can park nearby, or whether a shuttle service may have to bring your belongings to your home. Keep in mind that long distance movers cannot provide a specific date of arrival. Instead, you will usually be given a delivery window within which you will receive your belongings.

If You are Looking for Bay Area Movers, Look no Further

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