Contractors-on-Move-Day-TipWhen you are moving, there’s a lot that needs to get done. Between selling/renting your old home and getting your new home ready for everyday living your to-do list becomes endless. Time is precious and we know it’s tempting to try and cross off a few ‘to-do’s’ in one day – but keep in mind it may cost more money in the end. No matter how you schedule it; having work done on flooring, walls, cable or even plumbing while your movers are working will ultimately slow down the pace of your move and in turn cost you a bit more money. All movers typically charge hourly, as do contractors, everyone’s ‘time efficiency’ suffers when there are too many workers in the home! Movers need constant clear access to rooms, floorspace, hallways, doorways and driveways every minute.  Any contractor working in the home has the potential to clog up the workflow. From parking work vehicles in the way to leaving tools and materials underfoot for your movers, contractors and movers have a difficult time working efficiently together.  This is a two way street – most likely your contractor will not appreciate movers in their way slowing them down either. The best plan is to set aside moving day for your movers. We always want to do the best most efficient job for you and keep your move in budget.

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