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Use These Office Moving Tips for a Smooth Move

Whether you need more space, found something that works better, or you have to move because of an ended lease, moving an office can be a complicated and daunting idea. While there are more factors to consider compared to moving to a new family home, there are things you can do to make the process better. Here are a few tips that will help you navigate Bay area moving and storage more easily.

Start the process early

The process of moving your office, from beginning to end, can take longer than you expect. Start the process early to allow plenty of time for planning, organizing, and the actual move. Allowing yourself approximately three months for the planning process is a good guideline. In addition, extra time gives you flexibility to allow for obstacles that pop up or problems that need to be fixed. Planning early will also help ensure you can work with high-quality Bay Area moving companies instead of settling for anyone who has availability.

Don’t move what you don’t need

Offices can collect a lot of clutter, especially in paper records. Use this opportunity to purge old files, get rid of unnecessary clutter, and streamline some of your operations. This will not only help make the office more efficient, but it will also definitely make the moving process easier. Having less to move can save time, money, and effort. Any paper files that can be converted to digital files will help save space and hassle during the moving process. Office movers in the Bay Area will appreciate not moving paperwork that will just get thrown out once it gets to the new location, too.

Move in phases

When you’re moving an office, you have to balance the relocation with maintaining continuity in operations. This can be accomplished by moving in phases. This should also include having a plan for coverage when essential personnel are in the physical process of moving to the new office and getting their equipment set up. That way, you can move your office while still providing for the needs of your customers with minimal interruption.

An office move is complex, but it does not have to be overwhelming. By starting early, getting rid of things that don’t have to be moved, and moving equipment (and personnel) in phases, you can get your office to the new space with less headache and minimal interruption in operations. Working with office moving companies in the Bay Area will also make the process go much more smoothly. With these tips and a clear plan, you’ll be in your new space before you know it!

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