Take some photos and make a treasured photo album instead! We all have those things we never look at but can’t bear to part with. If you are saving boxes and bins of baby’s 1st’s, high school trophies, vacation memorabilia, children’s crafts, baseball cards, etc… we suggest you take some photos instead. Take out your wrestling trophy and go for one last photo op. Arrange all the painted ceramic animals and crayon drawings the kids did decades ago and take some nice photos. Have fun with it. Stage some fun scenes if you have the time or just keep it simple and capture the essence of the object with nice lighting and clear focus…. Then make an album! Enjoy your memorabilia any day or time and relive favorite memories in a very easy to access way – in a photo album instead.

Keep in mind:

  • Try and do this before you move and you’ll have less boxes and bins to move!
  • Make donations of some items so that other people may enjoy them.
  • Some items may be best to simply discard or recycle after you have finished creating the photo album
  • We suggest not getting rid of the items until you are finished taking photos and making your album.
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