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Are You Ready to Buy a Home?

Buying a home is a big step. Knowing when you are ready is not always easy. Having trepidations is normal and you may never feel 100% ready. Check these signs that you are ready to make that big move and then select expert Bay Area movers to assist you.

Here are the Signs to Guide You

  1. You are tired of landlords, restrictive property rules, lack of space, lack of customization opportunities and lack of privacy. Wow, did I really say that out loud? You are feeling that you are ready for and want something that you can treat (and love) as your very own.
  2. You are ready to tackle the move. Moving takes planning and effort, so consider that upfront, then choose the exact help you need from among Bay Area moving companies to get your move done right.
  3. You anticipate staying in your new home for a while. Since a home purchase involves investments in closing costs and the move itself, you’ll want to give yourself time to recoup those investments in the increased value of the home. Conventional wisdom suggests that three years is a good time horizon to plan toward.
  4. You have a good employment record, including being currently employed with 2 years or more at the same company.
  5. You have a good credit score. The better your credit score, the more and better choices that you will have for lenders and good lending rates.
  6. You’ve got enough money for the down payment. Check mortgage calculator resources and crunch the numbers to see what you need.
  7. You can afford the projected mortgage payment, insurance and taxes.
  8. You can handle the responsibilities and costs of home maintenance.
  9. You know (at least somewhat) what you want in a new home and in your potential new location. Selected Sacramento moving companies and Bay Area moving companies, can service your packing moving and storage needs.

Moving to a New Home Calls for Great Bay Area Movers

No matter where you plan to settle, don’t plan to move alone. Also, don’t burden or risk injury to friends, family or neighbors. Instead, call the professionals at Magic Moving, an expert Walnut Creek local and long-distance moving company. They’ll give you a free quote for all your moving services.

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