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The best time of year is near. We all know that holidays are not without crowded streets and mall traffic. Homes get busier than ever with decorating, cooking, and grand reunions. A long distance relocation during such a busy season, amid cold and windy weather? The thought alone is almost exhausting, but not impossible either.

Preparedness is key. Here are a few tips that would help you maintain order on your moving day with a smile of relief.

4 Tips for a Stress-Free Move During The Holiday Season

1. Send Address Change Notifications

Let friends and relatives know about your new address via holiday greeting cards you’ll be sending out, rather than sending a separate note or card. It’ll save you time, on top of being a fun and festive way to announce the move or going away party.

Of course, personal business contacts and bills have to be taken care of. Notify the providers and organizations with your change of address early on to avoid delays in receiving their notices, especially during the holidays when they are closed.

2. Start Boxing Things Up and Get Organized

Packing everything on your own is a long and tedious task. Get everything organized in its own box and label accordingly using markers or stickers. The weight of the boxes will be less of a burden and unpacking at your new house will be a bit easier. The closer you get to the move, the more boxes you’re bound to accumulate, so toss or donate what you no longer need or use. Not only do you free up space, but you’re also contributing to the holiday’s spirit of giving.

3. Gear Up for Winter

Many states in the US experience snowy winter conditions. Gather supplies built to withstand the cold weather, such as non-slip sturdy boots that can keep you both safe and warm. A good Bay Area moving company will let you on how the weather might affect the shipment and how to best handle the items. You can count on trained and experienced movers and packers to safely transport and unload your belongings into your new place.

4. Help Your Kids Adjust

If a move is difficult and stressful for you, what more for younger kids? Prepare them beforehand by letting them know what to expect and giving them guidelines. Encouraging them to help with the process will help them better handle the relocation. Have small presents for them to open to keep them entertained and motivated, no matter how far along you are in the move.

The above tips, paired with the help of professional Bay Area residential movers, you can go through a seamless move and settle into your cozy new home this holiday season.

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