Packing and Planning When Moving with Children & Pets

Moving can be a new and exciting experience for children if you prepare them properly. With these steps, you can ease the insecure feelings some children experience when removed from familiar surroundings.

  • Let children talk & interact with you during the moving experience
  • Explain reasons for moving with a positive approach.
  • Set up a Question & Answer session, depending on age.
  • Let children participate – creates responsibility and eliminates fears.
  • Describe new community in a positive manner; highlight exciting opportunities.
  • Ease concerns by hiring a company with proven success & professional reputation – Magic Moving & Storage! Our crew members are clean-cut professionals who are friendly and accommodating to adults, kids and even your family pet.
  • What to bring for ‘Baby’
  • Suitable clothing, bedding and favorite cuddle toy
  • Diaper or utility bag
  • Baby food, formula, fruit juice, water and a cap opener
  • Baby Toiletries, lotion, First-Aid kit
  • Safety-approved infant car seat
  • What to bring for ‘Children 2 & up’
  • Favorite toys/games
  • Learning material – computer
  • Comfortable clothing and bedding
  • Favorite snacks
  • What to bring for ‘Your Pet(s)’
  • Dog/cat carrier/cage
  • Leash, blanket/bed and favorite toys
  • Pet meds, food, water
  • Phone Number for Vets…(Search vets along your route of travel)
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