Residential Moving Companies Encourage These Considerations for Your Pet

Bay Area local movers help families moving with pets

Moving with pets can be a challenge, whether you own a single, loyal dog or a menagerie of cats, fish, birds and chinchillas. To prevent problems and make the transition as smooth as possible, follow these tips:

1. Purchase identification for your pet(s).

Before you shop for Bay Area moving and storage companies or pack up your boxes and furniture, get your pet ready for the move by purchasing ID tags and attaching them to his collar securely. This process will ensure that your pet can be identified and returned to you if he gets lost at some point in the transition.

2. Keep your pet safe on moving day.

Depending on the length and scale of the move, you might find it best to leave your pet with a family member or friend for safety reasons and to simplify the logistics. However, if you must keep your pet with you, consider putting him in a crate before the local movers come to prevent him from running out the door in fear and to make transportation easier and simpler.

3. Maintain the routine.

Try to keep your pet’s routine as consistent as possible before, during and immediately after the move. Make sure he has the same potty breaks, mealtimes and play times in order to reduce anxiety.

4. Be patient.

While you’re working with moving companies, unpacking boxes and establishing your new home, your pet will be adapting to his new environment as well. Be patient with him during this time and be sure to give him plenty of attention.

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Residential Moving Companies Have Experience Helping Families with Pets

Embarking on a major life and business transition can be challenging and can lead to unanticipated questions and frustrations. Our team at Magic Moving can help make your Bay Area move simpler, more streamlined and more fun. Please call (877) 246-2442 for more helpful guidance on moving with your pet and/or to schedule your move or obtain a free quote. You can also obtain a movers quote right here on our website!

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