Packing Tips for a Last Minute Move

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Follow these Tips to Prepare for Your Move

Preparation for moving involves attention to a multitude of details and performance of numerous tasks, so ideally you want to allow yourself several weeks to accomplish it. However, under certain circumstances you may not have that much time. Maybe you have been busy or preoccupied, or maybe you found out suddenly about an imminent move. In either case, here are some tips to help you pack at the last minute.


Tips for Packing Hard to Pack Items

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Residential Movers in the Bay Area Share Packing Tips

It doesn’t matter whether you’re moving a few miles across town or across country. Moving is stressful. Even if you hire residential movers in the Bay Area, there are many tasks that can be complicated, like packing special items that might break or get damaged in the move. Or figuring out how to move over-sized items. Here are our best tips to pack hard-to-pack items. (more…)

Roseville Moving Company – Why Move to Roseville?

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California is not known for its affordability, but Roseville was recently recognized by as Number 21 on the Best Places to Live in the U.S. in 2022. It’s the only California city to have made the list, but this year’s list focused on midsize cities with less than 500,000 residents. Roseville was once just a stagecoach stop north of Sacramento. Today, it takes about 20 minutes to get to the capital city, so it’s conveniently located. Roseville is also more affordable than Silicon Valley. If you’re looking for a new place to call home, professional movers in the Bay Area can help you relocate. Here’s what we love about Roseville. (more…)

Need Storage Between Moves? It’s a Common Problem with an Easy Solution.

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The Best Bay Area Moving Companies Offer Storage!

The logistics of moving can be complicated. You might need to be out of your old home before the new home is ready. You might be downsizing and need to figure out which furniture works in the new place before you get rid of it. Maybe your child is coming home from college and needs to store some things before the next semester. You may even want to temporarily store furniture while you sell your home. Finding the right solution isn’t hard when you work with reliable moving companies in the Bay Area. Here are some tips about storing furniture.

Get Rid of What You Can Before You Move

Whether you sell it or donate it, don’t store furniture that you know you won’t need after you get moved. Ask yourself if there is any sentimental or monetary value to what you do plan to store. How long has it been since you’ve used the item you’re storing. You don’t want to put things in storage indefinitely.

Know What You Plan to Store

If you’re storing artwork, wine, or a piano, you may want a climate-controlled storage. Humidity and heat can damage items. Have an idea of what you need to store so you can make sure you get enough space and the right environment. As you pack up boxes for storage, label them with specific items that are inside so you can easily find things later. If you’re not sure how much room you may need, talk to furniture moving companies in the Bay Area about what you have and get suggestions for the amount of space you need.

Clean Items Before Storing

Dirt and grime will deteriorate fabric and other materials over time. Before storing furniture, give it a good cleaning. Start by vacuuming or dusting the furniture with a dry cloth. Get all pet hair and dirt off the furniture. If there is any mold or mildew, clean that up before storing because it will only get worse in storage. Break down big pieces to make storage easier. Remember to put all bolts, screws, and other fasteners in a bag to keep them together. You might also want to take some pictures to remember how something goes together.

Best Bay Area Moving Companies? – Look For Options

The best Bay Area moving companies have multiple options for storing furniture and other belongings. A mobile storage unit might be more effective than a storage unit rental. Magic Moving & Storage can help you find solutions for your move. Contact us to get more information.

Taking Inventory Before a Move in 6 Steps

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Taking Inventory – Best Moving Companies in the Bay Area

Moving is stressful, whether you DIY or hire one of the best moving companies in the Bay Area. A moving inventory can help reduce some of the problems, because you’ll have a list of what you need to move, what’s being transported, and what should arrive at your new home. Here are tips for making a moving inventory. (more…)

How Reliable Moving Companies in the Bay Area Approach Short vs. Long Distance Moving

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Reliable Moving Companies in the Bay Area Help You Plan

Moving can be stressful, whether you’re moving across town or to another state. When you start looking at the best Bay Area moving companies, you’ll be asked a lot of questions about your move. You can get a better estimate on your move when you come prepared to discuss the logistics. What is the difference between moving locally and moving across country? (more…)

How to Find a Good Moving Company

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Moving is a stressful experience. It’s not just physically tiring. It can be emotionally exhausting, too. Finding people you trust to move your belongings can be part of that stress. If you’re trying to find a good moving company, don’t wait until the last minute. Start your research as soon as you can. The best Bay Area moving companies sometimes book up very quickly. If you do your research early, you can book as soon as you have an official moving date.

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