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Avoid These Common Problems by Hiring Reliable Moving Companies in the Bay Area

A lot goes into planning to move. Whether you’re doing it yourself or hiring one of the best Bay Area moving companies, here are some tips to make your move go a little smoother.

Avoid Personal Injuries

Back and muscle injuries are common problems for people who aren’t used to lifting heavy furniture or boxes. Professional movers know how to avoid personal injuries by using the right equipment and lifting properly. Don’t try to be the hero and overdo it when you’re moving. Know your limits and pay attention to what and where you’re moving things.

The Furniture Won’t Fit

Before moving big pieces of furniture or appliances, make some measurements through the entire path to ensure the furniture fits through all the corners and doors. If you can disassemble bigger pieces, do so before moving. You may also be able to take the doors off the hinges if you need a couple of more inches. Don’t force anything.

Unreliable Movers or Moving Scams

When getting mover quotes in the Bay Area, make sure you research each company before signing a contract. Check with the BBB or the FMSCA if you’re moving interstate. Watch for scams, such as getting a low estimate or paying a deposit of more than 20%. Use your credit card to pay for movers, which can give you more control over the payment.

Packing Too Much Stuff

Don’t pay to move things that won’t fit into your new home or lifestyle. Use your move to declutter your home. Sell or donate good items. Recycle stuff that is useless. You’ll be glad you didn’t pack things that you aren’t using. You’ll save money. You’ll save time unpacking.

Don’t Damage Property or Goods

Make sure to have the right equipment to move to prevent damage to your new and old home. Avoid dinging the walls by using corner guards on furniture or foam padding on the walls. Put thick cardboard or carpet runners on high-traffic areas to reduce dirt and grime on the floors.

Reliable Moving Companies in the Bay Area

Looking for reliable moving companies in the Bay Area? Contact Magic Moving & Storage to help you get through a move with less stress.

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