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Pleasanton Moving Company Shares Tips for Moving Electronics

When it comes to moving your business’s property, it’s important to take care so that your electronics and the data they hold arrive safely in your business’s new home. This article goes over some of the best practices Bay Area commercial moving companies recommend for moving electronics.

Back Up Your Data

Backing up your data is key around the year, but it’s especially important when you’re preparing for a move. Doing so will give you both a layer of data safety and peace of mind.

Clean Your Items

Moving is a great opportunity to clean your electronics. That way, dust won’t be able to further infiltrate computers and other electronic items while in transit, and your company’s belongings will arrive at their new home clean and ready to go.

Buy the Right Supplies

Electronics often come in shapes requiring pecialized supplies for proper packing. A good starting point is ample amounts of bubble wrap, but you should also give yourself time to find boxes for oddly shaped items like televisions. At the same time, avoid using potentially harmful packing supplies. For instance, newspapers are not kind to screens.

Pack Carefully

Certain steps are important when packing electronics. Remove all batteries, ink and toner cartridges, and discs from any devices holding them. Then, make liberal use of bubble wrap to cushion the tops and bottoms of boxes holding your electrionics. You can wrap the electronics themselves in bubble wrap, too, and then use more bubble wrap to fill in gaps after you’ve put the items in boxes. When it comes to protective padding for computers, tablets, and the like, it’s hard to overdo it.

Label Everything

Whether you’re working with a Pleasanton moving company or movers in another area, they’ll almost always recommend labeling your items. That advice is relevant to electronics, as it’ll save you many headaches when it comes to unpacking. Also keep in mind that you can label items as fragile, thus signaling they need gentle handling.

Unpack Patiently

As Bay Area furniture movers, the folks at Magic Moving & Storage know how grateful clients are to see the completion of a move. But as you unpack your items, resist the urge to rush. Carefully unpacking your items is a way to honor all the work you’ve done to transport them safely in the first place.

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