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Moving is a huge event that’s exciting as it is overwhelming. There’s just so much to do and tons of things to pack up. Finding the right Bay Area movers and packers greatly impacts the entire process, making your move more manageable and a whole lot easier.

9 Tips for Hiring a Reputable Bay Area Moving Company

  1. Moving Inventory

Taking inventory of all your belongings is a best practice of reputable movers. Estimators do so to determine the weight and space your goods will occupy in the truck, which comprises a bulk of the mover’s rate, in order to give you the closest estimate.

  1. Diligent Walk-Through

A good mover will take time to get down to the details. They’d carefully listen to you as you point out which boxes you plan to take and load on the truck, those you’ll be leaving behind, and items you wish to donate to charity.

  1. Beware of Name Changes

Shoddy practices remain despite assessment of the Better Business Bureau. Some moving companies circumvent this by doing business under different names. Do a bit of background check on history, licensing information, insurance, and be certain the movers have a local address.

  1. Seek References

You never have to learn the hard way by hearing out what people have to say. Get recommendations from family and friends or state associations. Ask your chosen mover directly for references, which Bay Area licensed movers would be proud to provide.

  1. Payment Upon Delivery

Never pay in advance, which opens up the perfect opportunity for scammers. Using a credit card works to your protection against possible fraud. Trustworthy movers won’t require a large deposit nor cash beforehand, rather focuses on serving you with excellence from start to finish.

  1. Read The Contract

Get everything in black and white to prevent unwanted surprises of hidden fees and inflation of rates, and losing valuables along the way. Your contract denotes pick-up and delivery dates including the estimate and all possible fees.

  1. Understand The Fees

Movers who genuinely want to help won’t burden you with additional costs. They will let you know of any additional fees which may apply to particular aspects of your move. For instance, you’ll be moving from the 11th floor whereas your belongings have to be inevitably carried over a flight of stairs, or your new home requires entering a narrow street where your things will have to be accommodated by a smaller van.

  1. Moving Insurance

All movers assume liability for the value of goods they transport as a standard, but charges which apply and the amount of protection may differ. Whenever an article is lost, destroyed or damaged in their care, they may repair the item to original condition, replace or pay you for replacement costs. Alternatively, there’s the no-cost option where claims are settled based on pounds of weight.

  1. Report Any Issues

Did you know that you have 9 long months to report any problem and file an insurance claim? Open up each box and sift through potential damages on the same day, or as soon as possible.

Bay Area Movers and Packers You Can Trust

It pays to do your research and be well-informed towards avoiding those who may take advantage of the situation. Call Magic Moving today at (877) 246-2442 or contact us online here to hire honest and reliable Bay Area residential movers!

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