Great Reasons to Move to Sacramento

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10 Reasons to Consider Sacramento

“It’s time to move.” If those words strike fear into your heart, fear not; you are not alone. Every year millions of people in the United States move to another location. In fact, Americans move on average every five years. As Benjamin Franklin said, “All mankind is divided into three classes: those that are immovable, those that are movable, and those that move.” He was talking about the benefits of change rather than a home move, but the two certainly go together. When it is time to move, call one of the professional Sacramento moving companies to get the job done right.


Fun Things to Do in San Ramon

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There are plenty of cool communities in the East Bay area, but one that seems to get plenty of well-deserved attention is San Ramon.


Guidance for those Moving During the Coronavirus Outbreak

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Do You Have to Move During the Pandemic?

Even though we should all be socially distancing ourselves from one another, not everyone has that luxury. For example, some people will find that they will need to move into a new home during this time. The simplest solution would be to just move everything by yourself so that you don’t come within six feet of anybody, but that isn’t exactly a practical solution. Fortunately, services such as Sacramento moving companies are still considered “essential,” so you should be able to find some Bay Area movers if you look hard enough. Their hours may be limited during this time, so plan your move accordingly. 


Great Reasons to Move to Danville, Ca

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Here are Some Great Reasons to Call Danville Movers!

The first thing you should know about Danville is that it’s a town, not a city. Sure, it may feel like semantics, but since there are few actual towns in California and many cities, this distinction is now a point of pride. It also adds to the list of factors that makes Danville such a unique community to be from or to move to. You may just want to call Danville movers after looking into this amazing town.

The 18-square-mile town has a reputation of being in a perfect geographic location. Even though it’s only 20-30 miles to San Francisco and San Jose, it also feels nicely removed from those dense communities. It’s also considered the heart of the San Ramon Valley.

Population-wise, there are about 40,000 residents, so it’s not too big and not too small. There’s definitely room to grow, which is good news for Danville moving companies.

There’s a lot to like about Danville, including:

Safety First 

In 2018, the town was chosen as the state’s safest municipality, a highly competitive honor in a state with hundreds of incorporated communities of all sizes along with several metro areas that definitely have rougher areas. This figure was based on low reports of crime compared to population size. This works out to be 0.2 crimes per 1,000 people, which is much less than the state’s average of 4.49 per 1,000 people and the national average of 4 crimes per 1,000 people.

Just that honor is enough to get people tired of living in crime-filled neighborhoods to consider calling Danville movers and real estate agents for relocation info.

Lots to Do 

Unlike some downtown cores which have been abandoned, Danville has lot going on including world-class restaurants, eclectic shops, and plenty of places to pause and people-watch. One of the more prominent downtown attractions is the Danville Livery, a classy shopping area with cafes, boutiques, jewelry shops, flower shops and more.

High Income 

Danville has also made several lists based on the high wages of its residents, including one of the highest rates of residents with six-figure incomes nationwide. (About 78 percent of the population.) It’s also considered the 14th wealthiest zip code in the country. But at the same time, the scenic and historic agricultural town is welcoming to all. If you’re also in this financial demographic category and have been looking for people with similar lifestyles and economic similarities, it may be worth learning what the area can offer you and your family. If you’re living elsewhere and want to consider life in Danville, a professional Northern California moving company could help get you settled.

Looking for a Great Northern California Moving Company?

Magic Moving can provide you with all sorts of answers and options about the moving process. We also offer free quotes on moving and storage services. Give us a call today!

Tips for Moving Just Across Town

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Are You Planning a Local Move?

You don’t have to be making a cross-country move in order for it to quickly become a huge hassle. There are endless details associated with moving, even if it’s just across town. That shouldn’t be surprising, because it means you’re literally completely abandoning your prior way of life, and starting up again in a brand new location. The details associated with people’s lives are not so easily transferred from one place to another, as to suppose it can all be done in a day. Here are some planning steps you can take while exploring Berkeley movers, which will make everything a whole lot easier.


Top Reasons to Live in the Bay Area

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Considering Hiring Walnut Creek Movers?

If you’re considering moving to the Bay Area or are already looking for Walnut Creek movers to help you relocate, you’ve probably been doing your research on what makes San Francisco such a great place to live. Here are four reasons to make the move.


Why Pleasanton, CA is a Great Place to Live

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Looking for Your Next Place to Live?

Looking for a great place to move to in California? Pleasanton is a great place to live, a comfy San Francisco suburb that is a combination of small-town personality with big city conveniences. Call local movers Bay Area to do the heavy lifting; you need to explore Pleasanton further!

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