tips for moving long distance

Are you planning a long distance move?

There’s a lot more involved with a long-distance move than there would be if you were simply moving across the street, or to any other location within the same general area where you currently reside. That makes it necessary to do some thorough pre-planning, so as to avoid as many of the potential pitfalls as possible which may arise during a long-distance move. Before you start looking for long distance movers in the Bay Area, read these five helpful tips that should help you minimize mishaps which are typically associated with moving operations involving longer distances.

Prepare for packing and unpacking

One of the most tedious single aspects of preparing for a major move is the packing and unpacking part, because the majority of your household items will be involved in this phase. Since most Bay Area long distance moving companies charge either by the weight of items being transported, or by the number of objects, it will be to your advantage to pack only those items which you will definitely need in the new establishment.

Research long distance movers in the Bay Area

A good place to start looking for long distance moving companies in the Bay Area would be to query any friends or neighbors who may have undergone a long-distance move at some point in their past. A reliable testimonial from someone you know can take a lot of the stress and guesswork out of choosing a moving company. If you don’t have this luxury, start checking out companies online, and look for user testimonials from people who have used their service before, and found it to be at least satisfactory.

Get moving estimates

When you contact a moving company, they will probably want to visit your home and make a survey of all the goods which you intend to have transported. Even if the quote you are given is not 100% accurate, it will at least provide you with a ballpark figure that you can use as an estimate. You shouldn’t just accept the very first quote you are given by a moving company, because you might very well get a more competitive rate from an equally reputable company.

Establish a budget

Now that you have a somewhat firm estimate from the moving company you’ve chosen, it will be easier for you to establish an overall budget for the move. Long distance moves tend to be particularly expensive, so it’s best that you are prepared with a comprehensive budget that includes all expenses related to the move. If you’ve never been through a long-distance move before, it would be worth your while to download a moving budget template from an online site. Don’t forget to budget for a good amount of extra cash on hand, for any unexpected things that turn up.

Understand your customer rights

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) publishes a document of rights and responsibilities for movers and their clients, because the organization itself regulates the industry, and safeguards the rights of customers. This publication can be found online, and it’s something you should be aware of and understand the contents of. In the same vein, make sure you know the value of all the goods you’re moving, in case anything is damaged or lost in transit.

Are You Looking for Long distance moving and storage in the Bay Area?

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