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Bay Area Residential Movers’ Tips for a Great Sale

If you are planning to move this year, you will be joining the more than 27 million Americans that moved in 2022, according to the U.S. Census Bureau’s Population Survey. Choosing expert Bay Area residential movers is a smart thing to do to reduce the natural stress of a move, protect your belongings, and get all the aspects of a move done right. Another smart thing to do is to hold a garage sale. 

Why Hold a Garage Sale Before You Move

Let’s face it. If you’ve lived in your place very long, you’ve likely accumulated a lot of stuff. Some of that stuff you no longer use, need, or want. Movers base their rates on the total weight of the items moved, so you save money by not moving unnecessary items. That helps you and your Bay Area local moversThey won’t have to load unneeded items and your move will be easier and save you time at the end of your journey. You can also generate some cash that can help with your moving expenses.  

Host a Successful Yard Sale Before You Move

Here’s how to have a successful yard sale: 

First, check with the local government and neighborhood authorities to see if they have any rules regarding yard sales. 

Second, plan a date and time for the yard sale. Most yard sales start early, say at 7 am. Give yourself enough time to get ready. Plan your date in advance of getting a bid from residential movers Bay Area experts so that they can offer their best and most accurate pricing for the move.  

Third, advertise your sale in advance. Use yard signs and social media.  

Fourth, identify the items to be sold. Go through each room and space of your property and decide what you want to sell. Anything that is broken or stained should be thrown away. Clean up any items that need touching up. 

Fifth, organize the items to be sold. Group them into categories and display them in inviting ways. Put clothes on racks, books and small items on tables, and make a kid’s area on a carpet. Fifth, price all items in advance. Set reasonable prices. Display prices clearly. Offer some bundled bargains and be prepared to haggle.  

Sixth, have a good money management system. Have change for cash and use technology to get paid, like CashApp, Venmo, and PayPal. 

Seventh, make it a good experience for shoppers. Have good sale signage. Consider a refreshment stand and provide background music. Have plenty of help so that shoppers get the assistance they need. 

Use this yard sale to be well-prepared for your Bay Area residential movers. 

Choose One of the Best Bay Area Residential Movers

Contact Magic Moving. We are an expert Bay Area local and long-distance moving and storage company. We have done over 100,000 relocations since 1990 so we know how to make your move successful with personal and attentive service. 

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