Residential Movers in the Bay Area

Residential Movers in the Bay Area Share Packing Tips

It doesn’t matter whether you’re moving a few miles across town or across country. Moving is stressful. Even if you hire residential movers in the Bay Area, there are many tasks that can be complicated, like packing special items that might break or get damaged in the move. Or figuring out how to move over-sized items. Here are our best tips to pack hard-to-pack items.


Get boxes that are designed to pack televisions or electronics. Use lots of bubble wrap to cushion the items within the boxes. Label these boxes so movers and helpers know not to put heavy boxes on top of them. Keep these boxes on top of the pile to protect them and get them to your new home safely.

Breakable Glass Items

Use lots of packing material to cushion dinnerware, China, and other glass items that are delicate. If you’re packing a hollow item, put some packing material in the center to help provide a cushion. You may also want to get boxes that have extra compartments and cardboard for added protection. Don’t overpack these boxes. Label them appropriately.


Art is especially susceptible to damage. If your artwork is especially valuable, you may want to check with a professional art moving service to handle it with white gloves. Ask Bay Area moving companies about their policy with handling valuable artwork to know if their insurance will cover your pieces if you do pack them yourself. Get the right size boxes to handle the artwork and pack with packing peanuts to help protect them in the box.

Oversized Pieces

If you have odd-shaped items or really large items, you may need to get creative. If you can take the item apart, that may be the best way to pack it. Take pictures as you take it apart so you remember what you did and how things go back together. You can also put two boxes together or use custom made boxes. If you still aren’t sure how to pack it, talk to your moving company for suggestions.

Get Help from Residential Movers in the Bay Area

Always look for reliable moving companies in the Bay Area that offer transparent pricing, insurance coverage and a wide range of services.

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