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Let’s look into Berkley

Considering moving to or around California? Berkeley is a great choice if you’re looking for a more laid-back neighborhood in the San Francisco area. Curious to know what the city can offer you? Check out these 8 things before hiring the best bay area moving company:

1. The City Has Many Public Transport Options

Thinking of moving around Berkeley by bicycle? You can! Train stations have biking areas for a seamless transition from train to cycling. Don’t know how to pedal? You can take free biking lessons at urban cycling classes.

Bay Area Rapid Transit is the main transit option for people heading to San Francisco. The train runs from morning to midnight, and after that there’s a late night bus if you’re heading home during the wee hours.

2. Berkeley Is A Green City

In 2012 the city has implemented a no-plastic ban and brought out green eco bags with colorful designs on them. Just this may have you contacting Berkley movers!

3. You’re Spoiled With Great Dining Spots

Hiring a moving company to get to Berkeley? Make sure to check out a group of restaurants called the “Gourmet Ghetto”. Here, you’ll have food selections ranging from Laotians to Jewish deli. There’s also the Chez Panisse, a restaurant known for serving fresh, organic ingredients that has sparked the California cuisine movement in the 70s. Berkeley residents young and old alike can also get Thai, vegan and creole food on the go.

4. Berkeley Is Going Healthy

Berkeley politicians have taxed sodas at a penny per ounce to try and reduce the risk of diabetes among children. You’ll be sure to get a step in the right direction with healthy food, exercise and tax impositions on sugary treats.

5. Tilden Regional Park

Tilden Regional Park is located on top of a hill, which gives visitors a sweeping view of the greens. There’s plenty of recreational options and a golf course, to boot. Take a ride on the 100 yr. old merry go round for a bit of U.S. history.

6. The Neighborhoods Are Diverse

Moving companies recommend South Berkeley for its affordability, while Rockridge is a great neighborhood if you’re into fine dining. Each neighborhood, from Berkeley Hills to UC Berkeley have their own distinctive vibe.

7. You Can Root For The Bears

UC Berkeley Football Bear games are always in full swing here. Whenever there’s one on, the bars are full of fans and the stadium is packed to the rafters with people shouting “Go Bears!” at the top of their lungs.

Are you ready to pick up and move this great city?

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