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Moving is exciting until you start packing and realize how stressful it is. Arguments can happen, valuable items get knocked over, and boxes get jumbled up. You finally arrive at your new home only to find out important things were left behind. Preparedness is key to avoiding all the frantic efforts of going through a smooth move. 

These 8 Residential Moving Hacks Should Help Keep Things in Order

1. Document Your Belongings

It’s a given to create an inventory and take photos of precious collections and huge furniture to assess for any damage. Make sure to take a quick picture of electronics prior to disassembly for future reference, just to uncomplicate things.

2. Organize Boxes

Take organizing up a notch by labeling, color coding, and numbering each box. A bit of effort can save you time when unpacking, and keep you from losing your mind in trying to find a needle in a haystack.

3. Pack Your Closet in a Bag

A trash bag, to be more specific, ranks among the most inexpensive packing tips. It’s big enough to cover clothes on hangers and keep them protected. Tuck clothing together inside the trash bag and bind the hangers with its ties so you can easily re-hang them in your new closet space.

4. Seal Drawers With Plastic

While duct tape can fix everything, you wouldn’t want sticky residue on your drawers or jewelry! Unroll your sandwich cling wrap and layer over the top of drawers and use it to pack loose items.

5. Learn To Let Go

Follow the golden rule of moving and packing. Don’t pack what you don’t need! It’ll only be a waste of time and storage space. Consider donating or giving away some prized ownerships as gifts.

6. Wrap Fragile Items The Right Way

Use clean paper rather than newspaper to pack and protect glassware and other breakables. Otherwise, prepare to do a lot of washing and de-staining in your new kitchen.

7. Make Sure To Disconnect

Don’t forget to call the cable or utility company, and all other service providers you need to cut off. You wouldn’t want the bills running even when you’re long gone!

8. Put Your Trust In Friends

Yes it may sound harsh, but you can save yourself the disappointment of broken promises on moving day. You have enough to worry about. Find a reputable Bay Area moving company you can trust to handle your belongings with care and stay right on schedule.

Contact Our Bay Area Movers and Packers for Help

Take the stress out of relocation by calling our Bay Area movers and packers to do it for you! We’ll safely pack all of your belongings, wrap furniture, load the truck, drive/deliver and unload your belongings to your new home. Interested in learning more? Give Magic Moving & Storage a call today at (877) 246-2442 or contact us online.

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