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Found a new apartment? Hire a Furniture Moving Company to Help!

Searching for a new apartment means considering mover quotes, amenities, community, and location where you want to live. Seasoned apartment hunters and first time shoppers alike should keep in mind these few reminders for securing an appropriate, safe, and beautiful apartment.

Making an effort to be neighborly can pay off. You might be introverted and/or insanely busy, but taking time to invest in relationships with other tenants (as well as with your landlord and building owner) can help you in surprising ways. When the landlord knows and trusts you, for instance, she might be willing to go the extra mile for you if you lock yourself out one weekend. Likewise, deal with any problems with your neighbors in a respectful, direct manner. Listen. Be empathetic and look for win-win solutions.

Read your lease carefully. Your lease may be written in legal jargon and difficult to understand. You need to be familiar with this document to avoid fines, violations or misunderstandings. Seek clarification for anything you don’t understand. If you identify issues with any part of your lease, ask your landlord to negotiate the terms before you sign.

Consider the location in the context of the city. Is the complex close enough to where you will be working? Is the local area considered safe by neighbors and police? Is there a Trader Joe’s around the corner, or will you have to lug your groceries home from half an hour away? Ask good questions – and a lot of them – and get insight from locals.

Consider “ease of access.” Moving companies need to be able to get into the complex and into your apartment with your furnishings. Make the transition smooth by evaluating whether your movers will be able to get your belongings into the space.

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When you’ve found the perfect apartment to lease, contact a trusted, reliable apartment moving company, like Magic Moving & Storage, to help you get settled into your new home. Call our moving team today at (925) 943-2123 or fill out our online moving quote right here on our website.

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