Local and Long Distance Moving Tips

Residential moving tipsAt heart, most of us are pack rats. Perhaps you’re holding onto an old remote control — you have no idea whether you need it or whether it goes with the DVD player you tossed four years ago. Or maybe you’re clinging to several dozens boxes of your child’s art. In either case, you are planning a local or long distance move and need to know: what should you keep, and what should you toss?

Here’s an easy rule of thumb: when in doubt, throw it out; OR when in doubt, keep it. That’s not actually a joke – it’s real advice. The key here is to make a decision about every piece of property, one way or another. The last thing you want is ambiguity.

Practically speaking, though, what should be on your “to toss” list? Here are some ideas:

  • Old shoes and clothes that you haven’t worn in at least a year;
  • Old art supplies, paint, molding and other construction products that have probably passed their shelf life (be sure to toss these in an environmentally sound way);
  • Old medicines and vitamins;
  • Ziploc containers that have been moldering in your cabinet for years;
  • Old bills, receipts, pay stubs, financial records (be sure to destroy these by shredding or taking them to a company that professionally destroys such records);
  • Books and magazines that you haven’t read or you’re not planning to read. You can give these away or donate them to clear up space — and to avoid the agony of having to lug enormously heavy boxes full of paper materials to and from your new place;
  • Old technology that you will never use again, such as DVD players, CD ROMS, video games for a system you no longer own, etc.

Bay Area residential moving companyBelieve it or not, very few people regret throwing “stuff” away. Unless the “stuff” is priceless memorabilia (such as your kids’ art drawings from pre-school) or “stuff” you might need in the short-term to take care of your house or run your business or family life, consider it to be possible fodder for the trash or recycling bins.

Professional Moving Companies in the Bay Area

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