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Bay Area Movers Help Store Your Items Safely and Securely

Portable storage containers are very popular, not only for moving, but also for home renovation products or added storage at a home. Bay Area movers can help you find a portable storage container that fits your needs, whether long-term or short-term. Here are some things to keep in mind when loading your storage container.

Do Park Your Storage Container in a Good Location

Work with the driver on arrival so the container gets put in a good location that doesn’t block your driveway or garage. Make sure the container is convenient to where you need it located. If you live in an apartment complex or HOA, check with management to make sure you can have the container placed near your building or home.

Do Load the Container Correctly

When packing boxes and furniture in your container, put the heaviest things on the bottom. Don’t put all the heavy items on one side. You’ll want to secure your belongings, just as if you were putting things in a moving van. Label all boxes so you know what’s in them. Don’t pack any perishables or important documents in the container. Also, don’t pack any flammables or hazardous items in the container.

Don’t Load Items in the Rain

You may not wilt in the rain, but a little bit of moisture in a storage container can easily mildew or mold, which is going to be very messy in a few months. It’s also recommended that you shouldn’t wrap furniture in plastic, because it can trap moisture. Bay Area moving companies also recommend cleaning all furniture before storing, so it’s free of dust and other contaminants that might damage your valuables over time.

Do Make a Record of What You’re Storing

Keep track of what’s in your container so you aren’t scrambling to find it later. Don’t use the storage container to store things that you should throw away. Sort items before packing the container so the container doesn’t become a dumpster. If you do have valuables in the container, consider storage insurance to protect your belongings.

The Best Bay Area Movers

Contact Bay Area residential movers to get more information about storage containers for your move or home renovation project.

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