Pack Smart and Prepare for Your Move

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When you hire a Bay Area moving company, remember to ask for packing tips. Since movers deal with many different types of cargo on a daily basis, these professionals will likely have some great advice that can save you hassle, time, money and frustration.

Here are 4 of our favorite packing techniques:

  • Keep electronics boxes. Your electronics will travel more securely in the manufacturer’s box. If you don’t have the original box, look online for more information about how to pack everything from monitors to flat screen televisions. Odds are high that someone’s made instructional YouTube videos to this end, for instance. Seal all electronics boxes with packing tape to ensure no dust or debris damages your items in transit.
  • Start early. Start packing a little at a time around 6 weeks before you plan to move. That might sound rather “early-bird-ish,” but early packing will reduce your stress many times over and prepare you psychologically for the transition. Pack items you know you will not use first, clearly marking the boxes with contents and any fragile items.
  • Ask your residential movers about supplies. If you don’t already have moving boxes, your mover may be able to supply cellophane wrapping, boxes, tape, and more to help you securely pack your belongings.
  • Create a list. Clearly label each box, and make a list of all the boxes you plan to move. Check off the boxes during the unloading process to ensure all your belongings made it to the destination. Even the most reliable moving companies can make mistakes. The list can also help you unpack and deploy your sundries and massively improve the efficiency of the unboxing process.

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