Professional Moving and Packing Tips

bay area moving and storageWhether you’re packing up your Bay Area condo in preparation for a big move to the East Coast; or you’re searching for a moving company to relocate to a new condo you just bought in downtown San Francisco, you want the process to be efficient, effective, and safe. Here are 5 tips that work for local moves, long distance moves, and all moves in between:

1. Pack boxes in a pyramidal fashion – heavier stuff on the bottom.

Take a page from grocery baggers, who know that you always put the heavier, less fragile items on the bottom of the bag. This principle holds true in a “fractal” sense. It scales. In other words, when you load a truck or a car, the same principle applies – heavier stuff on the bottom.

2. Make sure boxes are balanced and filled appropriately.

If a box is filled only partially or imbalanced, a mover may be hesitant to lift it. If you have extra space, throw in clothes or other lightweight materials to balance out the weight.

3. Use a clear, consistent labeling scheme.

Include your name, the date packed, and a clear description of what’s in the box. We LOVE color coding, so use different colored tape, post-it notes, dots, etc. for each room. Make sure you create a legend, too! If you have time – and/or a lot of stuff to pack – number all of your boxes and track them in a digital inventory.

4. Put heavy items in smaller boxes and lighter items in larger boxes.

This goes back to tip #2 about balance. Leveraging the carrying capacity of your boxes — avoid creating boxes that are overly heavy or needlessly light.

5. Use special packing techniques for breakables, delicate electronics, etc.

Hopefully, you would never toss an unsecured laptop or batch of light bulbs into a box. Likewise, ensure that all valuables — such as paintings, electronics, glass knickknacks, etc. — are bundled. This is very important regardless of whether the move is near or far, but crucial for long-distance moves. (Your mover may have special techniques and materials to help with this.)

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