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Waiting for Bay Area Moving Company with UmbrellaRainy weather complicates the moving process, making it more difficult to maneuver your furniture safely to your new home. To protect your furniture and your movers on a rainy day, follow these moving and storage tips.
1. Scope out your route. Before moving day arrives, spend some time looking for potential hazards on your route. Look for low areas that may turn into puddles in the rain, walkways that may get slippery or areas on the road that are prone to flooding. Come up with a plan to deal with each of these issues.
2. Wear the right gear. Make sure you have light, comfortable raingear on hand to keep you and your fellow furniture movers dry on moving day, including raincoats or ponchos, waterproof shoes and gloves.
3. Cover your furniture. If it looks like rain, cover your future with plastic to keep it dry. Secure the plastic with tape to prevent leaks.
4. Call the professionals. Professional residential movers have experience moving furniture in the rain, and they can keep all of your belongings safe. If you are nervous about moving in the rain, hire a moving company to handle the job for you.

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Autumn in the Bay Area promises to be a wet and wild time, especially given the intense El Nino forecasts this year. The Magic Moving team can help you achieve your Bay Area moving goals, preserve your furniture and other belongings from the elements and ensure a stress free moving experience.  Call us today at (877) 246-2442 for a free quote.

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