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Berkeley Movers See Homeowners with Lots of Reasons to Downsize

Many people want to stay in their home forever, but there are times when it makes sense to downsize. Here are some tips to know when you may need a smaller home from Berkeley movers with experience in storing, moving, and downsizing.

You’re Feeling Overwhelmed With Chores

Mowing, painting, cleaning, and making repairs takes time and money. If you’re tired of spending your free time fixing your house and keeping up with seasonal chores, it might be time to sell before your house becomes even more run down. Walnut Creek moving companies can help you pack and move into a smaller home or condo where you can take back your free time.

You Can’t Afford Your Home Any Longer

Even if your home is paid off, if you took a salary cut to retire or have a less stressful job, when your income doesn’t manage your home expenses, it might be time to get into a smaller home. Your home shouldn’t take more than 30% of your income to be affordable.

You Have Unused Space

When bedrooms go unused or your backyard amenities don’t fit your lifestyle any longer, you may want to think about finding a residence that meets your current needs. Let a new family enjoy your home while you reduce your space to enjoy your time without cleaning empty spaces.

You Need More Accessibility

As you get older, you may need safety features that help prevent falls and provide an easier lifestyle. Instead of retrofitting your big home, it might be time to consider a place that is already more accessible, without stairs or steps, with larger bathrooms designed for wheelchair use, and adapted with larger doorways and more lighting.

You Want to Cash In Your Equity

Many people downsize at retirement to take advantage of the equity in their home. You may also want to talk about your financial position with your tax advisor. Your accountant may have ideas about how you make a better investment with your assets than to keep your money tied up in the home.

Hire the Best Berkeley Movers

When you’re looking for reliable moving companies in the Bay Area, think of Magic Moving & Storage. Our experience in moving gives us the edge. Contact us today!

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