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What you can do to help your Bay Area home sell fast.

When it comes to selling a residential property or home, you may think that you know all the basics; fix whatever is broken, remove any personal effects or clutter, stage your rooms and remove personal effects. However, buyers can be fickle, and they could fall in or out of love with a home for any reason, with some being so small that the buyers are not fully aware of the logic. With that said, here are the best easy ways to sell your home.

Pricing it Right

Begin by first finding out the worth of your home, and then remove 15 to 20 percent off the price. You are going to be overwhelmed by buyers with multiple bids, even if you are in one of the worst markets, they are going to bid up the price over its worth. It usually takes real courage to price your home right, and very few people are willing to risk it. Nonetheless, it is still one of the best strategies in today’s real estate market.

Half-Empty Closets

Storage is something that every buyer is always looking for and will never get enough of. Ensure that you take out half of the stuff inside your closet and then organize neatly what is left. Buyers are always going to snoop around. Hence you should always ensure that everything is neat and tidy.

Light Up

You should always make best use of the light in your home. Apart from location, good lighting is also another thing that each buyer in every city wants in his or her home. Begin by cleaning the windows, remove the curtains and blinds, increase the wattage of the light bulbs, and also cut the bushes out of the house to ensure that light enters.

Conceal the Critters

It is normal to think that a dog is probably going to warm hearts but in some instances, you may be wrong. Not every person is a dog or cat lover. Before bringing in buyers to your property ensure that the bowl of dog food is hidden, the smelly kitten litter box is emptied or hidden. Clean your house using a vacuum cleaner to remove the tufts of pet hair that may be on the flow or the couch. If you leave all these things unattended, you are going to indirectly tell the customers that the house is not clean.

Avoid Over Upgrading

Quick fixes before selling a house, normally pay off. However, extreme makeovers do not pay off. There is a very high chance that you are not going to get the money that you may have used in the upgrades. Instead, you should do minor upgrades which will not cost you a dime but are going to pay off. You can begin by getting a fresh coat of paint. You can buy some inexpensive curtains or clean the curtain. Replace the cabinet hardware, door handles. You should also make sure that the closet doors have been repaired, the leaky faucets are fixed and then the grout are cleaned.

The Kitchen Always Comes First

It is important to note that you will not be selling your house, but instead you will be selling your kitchen. A buyer is going to knock you off at least $10,000 if the kitchen looks outdated and it may be only a few thousand dollars to replace the countertops. The most inexpensive and fastest kitchen updates include new cabinet hardware and painting.

Once you have successfully found a willing buyer, the next step will be moving out of the home.

There are several reliable residential moving and moving companies within the Bay Area.

One residential moving company with a proven track record is Magic Moving. Magic Moving will take the stress and hassle out of the moving process. Give us a call at 877-246-2442 or use our free quote form.

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