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Are You Relocating Your Office? Read These Tips To Make It Go Smoother

Planning and carrying out an office move can be a much longer and more complex process than moving just yourself or your family. The key to success with such a large project is to start planning as early as possible and get employees involved by assigning everyone specific tasks. As the day of meeting with Bay Area commercial movers gets closer, be sure to have frequent status updates and keep the lines of communication open in every department of the company.

Start by Making a Timeline

Shortly after company management decides to move, someone should assume the task of making a timeline that includes deadlines for when certain tasks must be complete. Don’t forget to add receiving quotes from Bay Area movers to this list. When deciding how much time you will need for a task such as packing up all office equipment, keep in mind that moving tasks often take longer than you think they should. That means the earlier you get started making the list and checking items off it, the more prepared you will be on the days leading up to the move.

Get as Much Information as Possible About the New Space

When moving from one office location to another, it’s helpful to have a blueprint of the new space in advance. This will enable management to plan where to set up desks and other furniture for the various departments before everyone arrives and has no idea where to sit. It will also give you some lead time if any problem arises such as electrical issues or the need to build new offices if not enough exist for everyone who needs one.

Build Moving Teams from Each Department

Before planning for the move gets too far advanced, the supervisor for each department should pull together a moving team and ask for volunteers to help coordinate packing and moving efforts. At the very least, each employee should be responsible for packing the items from their own desk such as personal items and work files.

Remember It Takes Time To Adjust

Don’t be surprised if some employees aren’t excited about the move at first. Moving is a lot of work, even when you work with the best Bay Area moving companies. Some people are also naturally resistant to change, despite the good things that will come from the move. Just keep a positive attitude and remind employees that everyone must do their part to make the move successful. Everything will go a lot smoother if management keeps staff informed and doesn’t just surprise them with the move.

Hire Magic Moving To Help Make Your Relocation Easier

Magic Moving is here to help with all of your commercial relocation needs. We welcome you to contact us HERE to request a quote or reserve your moving day. Call us at 877-246-2442 to request more information.

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