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San Ramon and Danville Moving Compaies East Bay Tips

The San Francisco Bay encompasses a wide urban expanse of different communities, each with its own unique personality. The East Bay area includes Oakland, Fremont, Concord and Danville. If you’re considering a move to San Francisco, here are some things to know about the East Bay and if it might be right for you. Danville movers make your move easier by handling the heavy work.

The Best Thing About East Bay – Proximity

East Bay is close to just about everything in the Bay Area. Oakland, San Jose, and San Francisco are just about 30 to 45 minutes away. Lake Tahoe is close enough for a day trip, as is Monterrey, if you love an aquarium. Drive to Yosemite in under 3 hours. Take a day at the capital. Sacramento is probably about a 2-hour drive. Wine country, Napa Valley or Sonoma, is also pretty close. Whether you love the oceans, the mountains, nature, or the urban jungle, it’s all within proximity.

The Second Best Thing About East Bay – Weather

East Bay has some of the best weather in Northern California. It’s almost always sunny, but the temperatures don’t get too warm. San Francisco is foggier, cooler, and wetter. You won’t get much snow and ice in the winter, but it may rain in the cooler season from November to April. Even so, your San Ramon moving company knows how to protect your belongings during your move if we get rain.

What’s Not To Love About East Bay?

If East Bay sounds like a paradise, it almost is. Traffic is one of the biggest cons. The area isn’t laid out like a grid, so it can be difficult to get around. The community is more populous than planned, so the roads are often gridlocked. If you don’t like a commute, East Bay might not be right for you. Even though BART services the area, it’s not enough to reduce traffic.

East Bay has beautiful weather, but it also gets a lot of smoke from fires in the mountains. The air quality can be low when the winds aren’t moving the air around. While the housing market is better than San Francisco, the supply of homes doesn’t meet current demand. East Bay has a lot going for itself, but you do have to be prepared for disadvantages.

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