Caring for Furniture During the Moving Process

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Whether you’re looking for furniture movers to conduct a simple jaunt across the Bay Area, or you’re parsing moving and storage companies for a massive relocation to the East Coast, you want to protect your furniture to avoid breakage or damage, minimize stress of transport and consume as few resources and hours as possible.

Here is a quick, step-by-step process.

First of all, create a workspace in your home (or office) to get the job done. Get rid of debris and make sure you have enough space to move and maneuver. You may ask a friend (preferably a strong friend!) to assist.

In addition, like a good chef who advocates for orderly “mise en place,” get all your packing materials and shipping materials together.

Next, you want to prep the furniture for transportation/shipping. If you have Ikea furniture, you might be able to unscrew the legs of your tables and tether them together. Keep screws, knobs, bolts, and other components together — store them in a zip lock bag (labeled!). You may not be able to deconstruct the furniture. No problem. In that case, wrap fragile components in blankets and use other supports at strategic places to keep drawers closed, preventing edges of tables from getting scratched, and preventing legs from snapping-off your coffee table, etc.

Next, secure key elements. To wrap the furniture, you need blankets/foam/bubble wrap, duct tape and shrink wrap, depending on the furniture, its fragility, the kind of move you’re doing, etc. We like to wrap furniture in blankets then secure them with duct tape and shrink wrap.

Label everything and take additional precautions, if you’re shipping the furniture, as opposed to using residential movers (like Magic Moving and Storage) to do all the work for you.

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