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Do You Have to Move During the Pandemic?

Even though we should all be socially distancing ourselves from one another, not everyone has that luxury. For example, some people will find that they will need to move into a new home during this time. The simplest solution would be to just move everything by yourself so that you don’t come within six feet of anybody, but that isn’t exactly a practical solution. Fortunately, services such as Sacramento moving companies are still considered “essential,” so you should be able to find some Bay Area movers if you look hard enough. Their hours may be limited during this time, so plan your move accordingly. 

Things to Consider

Once you’ve found some Bay Area movers who can help you relocate, make sure to let them know if you or anyone in your household may have been exposed to COVID-19. If you think you or someone in your home has been exposed, consider postponing your move for about two weeks. Symptoms of COVID-19 develop between 11 and 14 days after your initial exposure, so two weeks should ensure that you don’t spread the virus to anyone helping you move.

When you do contact your moving company of choice, ask them what policies they have in place to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. At the very least, anyone you hire should keep at least six feet from anyone in your household and be wearing masks, especially if they may have been exposed to the virus themselves. Some moving companies provide virtual estimates that don’t require them to enter your home, so ask if this is an option. You will need to come into close proximity with the movers eventually, but any chance you have to limit potential COVID-19 exposure will be welcome.

If you have smaller belongings that can be packed into boxes, purchase new moving boxes and tape since they are less likely to spread the virus to other people. If your movers have plastic bins available to use, wipe them down inside and out with a disinfectant before you put anything in them. Finally, make sure that you have enough soap, water, or hand sanitizer on hand for yourself and anyone helping you move. You should be washing your hands frequently, even while you’re packing and moving your belongings to a new home.

Hire the Best Bay Area Movers

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