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Considering Hiring Walnut Creek Movers?

If you’re considering moving to the Bay Area or are already looking for Walnut Creek movers to help you relocate, you’ve probably been doing your research on what makes San Francisco such a great place to live. Here are four reasons to make the move.

1. The Views

Beautiful scenery draws outdoor types here due to the ample opportunities to see nature. From the redwoods just outside of the city to Angel Island, the Bay’s largest island, there are plenty of outdoor spots to stop. Biking is popular here, and some enthusiasts even bike across the Golden Gate Bridge. For kids, there’s Dolores Park, which offers a playground that rivals Disneyland. And when those Bay Area movers unpack your final boxes, the views from your windows will make it all worth it.

2. The Culture

There aren’t places as open and friendly as San Francisco. As the backdrop for the 60’s counterculture movement and the birthplace of gay rights, the Bay Area is welcoming to all. Everyone seems to fit in, and there are no outsiders. There’s plenty of wonderful and just as much weird. 

3. The Weather

The weather is one of the top reasons people call on Walnut Creek moving companies to relocate to the Bay Area. If you’re not a fan of extreme heat or snowy winters, then the milder climate of the Bay Area is perfect for you. With temperatures that don’t see above 80 or below the 50 in the daytime, you’ll need a light jacket mostly in the evenings. There’s a rainy period that offers about 70 rainy days between November and April, but that’s not too terrible when you consider the other 290 days are beautiful. 

4. The Food

The restaurants to try list is massive in this city that offers eateries for every possible craving. From street tacos to high-end ‘it’ places, there’s something for everyone. The bakeries are famous for their sourdough, and Fisherman’s Warf provides a sea of yummy options. 

Hire the Best of Bay Area Movers

If moving to the Bay Area just got more appealing, your move can be effortless. For all your moving and storage needs, contact Magic Moving for a free quote and see why our Bay Area movers are one of the best. Whether you are looking for Walnut Creek moving companies that provide local or long-distance services, we’ve got you covered.

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