Packing Like A Pro: How To Pack The Hardest Items

Magic Moving knows that sometimes the smallest items can be the most difficult to pack. Knives are especially challenging when it comes to packing correctly. They can cut the person who packs and unpacks them and damage other items during transport. You want to avoid just carrying them with you, especially if you’re flying aboard a commercial airline, unless you want them abruptly confiscated by the TSA during your journey.

Organize your Knives and Gather Your Materials

Group your knives by sharpness, size and use. Bundle your butter knives and set them aside. Sort steak, paring, vegetable, bread, and general chopping knives into a group, and make a separate group for your large carving and chef knives.

You will need plenty of wrapping paper and bubble wrap as well as a heavy-duty packing box. Ask your Bay Area Movers where to obtain these supplies. Old t-shirts and dish towels can also be used to keep the knives from damaging other items during the move.

Successful Packing Techniques

When packing knives in a cutlery block, most Bay Area moving companies would recommend taping each down before wrapping the block in packing paper. Next, place two or three layers of packing paper on your counter, and roll the first knife until it is completely covered. Add additional knives, rolling each time to keep them covered and separated. Before you run out of paper, wrap the bundle tight, and tape it closed before starting on the next set of knives. Remember, your largest knives must be wrapped separately.

Use Magic Movers For An Easy Move

Magic Moving is an expert packing and moving company. Customer service is our top priority as reflected in our Kudzu, Angie’s List and Better Business Bureau awards and accreditations. Call our experienced Bay Area team today at (877) 246-2442. to learn how we can make moving from here to there easier than you ever imagined. 


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