The Most Bang For Your Buck When You Move 

Money Saved by Daly City Moving Company

Not only is moving into and around the San Francisco Bay Area physically and emotionally a taxing undertaking, but it can also empty your pocketbook. Here are four battle-tested ways to conserve money while your family plans the home transition.

Sell and replace. If you are moving far away from your current home, sell larger items and buy similar things when you arrive. This simple process eliminates both the cost and stress that come with hiring a residential moving company to transport these items.

Find affordable packing supplies. Packing supplies purchased directly from truck rental companies and similar locations are marked up considerably. To save money, look for boxes and other supplies on buy/trade websites, in the newspaper or at discount stores.  

Choose the right moving day. Moving on “peak” days, such as summer weekends, typically costs more. Instead of moving on a busy day, schedule your move for the middle of a week during a season when movers are less likely to be booked.  

[Learn more about off-peak moving in our blog “Why Moving in Autumn Makes Great Sense”]

Compare costs.When choosing a moving company, compare the free moving quotes Bay Area companies provide to find the most affordable options. Make sure you understand how pricing works for each prospective company, so you can do an apples-to-apples comparison.

Save Money Today With Your Local Bay Area Movers

Whether your moving to Sacramento from Walnut Creek or vice versa, Magic Moving can help you make your transition easy and secure. Thanks to our unique processes and trained, experienced movers, we can handle even complex moving requests while keeping costs under control and ensuring safety and client satisfaction. Call us today at (877) 246-2442 for insight into your move!


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