Thinking About Moving Soon?

You can’t always choose when you need to move, but many Bay Area moving companies recommend doing so in the spring.

Though every season has its advantages and disadvantages, spring seems to present some great opportunities for people, whether they’re relocating across town or across the country.

Why Move in the Spring?

Some of these benefits can include:

  • Less stuff. Most of us have a natural tendency in the spring to want to get rid of a lot of the literal and figurative junk we’ve acquired over winter. This is why spring cleaning remains so popular with many people. This approach also fits in nicely with an interest in getting rid of a lot of items before you move. This works out to be much fewer items for Bay Area movers to take, which means faster loading and unloading, plus less costs if you’re charged for the total weight of your items.
  • More choices. Moving in the summer can get crowded. Because it’s one of the more popular times to move, it sometimes is a challenge to secure the services of any specific Bay Area moving companies since many of them are occupied day and night. Fall is also popular with people moving for school, so spring is a time when demand for movers is a little lower so you can get more choices of trucks and for a more flexible schedule you want or need.
  • Real estate tie-ins. Along with being a good time to move, spring is a great season to sell your home. Home sales also typically go up in the summer, and it’s also when a lot of people are looking. But since fewer homes are on the market in summer, it can create higher demand for them and encourage sellers to set higher prices.
  • Perfect weather. You can’t get much better than a spring day for any activity, including moving. Summer can get too hot to move your belongings in and out, not to mention lots more traffic on the road. Winter and fall can be too chilly and maybe even dangerous if your route involves driving through ice and snow.
  • Better prices. Many furniture movers in the Bay Area may charge premium rates in the summer since it’s such a popular time to move. But if you plan ahead, you may be able to find some great deals for a spring move. Perhaps a company may have specials in the off-season.

Contact the Best Bay Area Movers

If you have a move in your future and want to discuss options for moving and storage services, please contact Magic Moving for a free quote.

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