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Northern California Moving Company Cross-Country Moving

Moving out of state is a big deal, especially if you’re moving for a new job or to be closer to family. But moving can be expensive, even when you DIY some of it. Using a Northern California moving company may not seem like a bargain, because the average cost to move is around $5000. However, when you understand what elements matter to the cost of using a long-distance mover, you can reduce your expenses and get a great deal while reducing your stress.

Distance Matters

One of the key factors in the price of moving is the distance. You’ll pay more if you’re moving from San Francisco to New York City than if you were just going to Las Vegas. Generally speaking, a long-distance move is considered anything more than 400 miles, but make sure to ask the moving company for their guidelines. Long distance moving companies in the Bay Area can give you a quote based on mileage, but there are other factors to consider.

How Big Is Your Household?

Most traditional movers base the cost of your move off the weight of your belongings. A 4-bedroom house will be more expensive to move than a one-bedroom apartment. When you do start packing, declutter and downsize to avoid paying for weight that won’t be used in your new home. Don’t pack trash. Consider whether you really want to move your piano.


The season you move may also play a part. Busy season for movers is May through September. You’ll pay a premium. Slow season is November and December. You may be able to save money on your move by scheduling it through the week and avoiding 3-day weekends.  If you have to reschedule, you may also pay a hefty fee. If you’re concerned about closing dates, a portable moving container may be a way to pack without having to worry about rescheduling a move.

Labor Needs

If you want professional movers to pack and unpack, it will cost more than just having them load and unload the truck. But that tradeoff might be worth it unless you have friends and family who are physically able to handle the heavy lifting. You won’t be worried about someone getting hurt or damaging your home.

Enlist the Best Northern California Moving Company

A professional move can average $3,000 or more, but there are many factors that come into play for pricing. For interstate moving and storage in the Bay Area, contact Magic Moving & Storage.

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