Tips from Moving Professionals

movers-and-packers-bay-areaProfessional movers in the Bay Area (and elsewhere) will tell you that many people do not understand how to pack and move their electronics.

Odds are that you invested a lot of money to obtain a great sound system, TV and computer — so do due diligence during the packing process to protect these technologies. Here’s a brief primer:

First, identify any technologies that will need special types of packing. You can research the appropriate techniques online — or your manufacturer may have recommendations (particularly if you’ve retained the original packing materials). Your residential movers can also make suggestions based on your technology needs. The key is to handle the care on an item by item basis. One size does NOT fit all when it comes to packing fragile tech.

Nuts and Bolts of Packing Up Electronics

Don’t skimp on your packing materials or processes. You may need equipment such as stretch wrap, packing tape, labels for the boxes — so that moving helpers will know which items are fragile, which items should not be packed, which items to load and unload first, etc. — multi-walled cartons, tissue paper, and other filler materials to transport your technology safely. Our professional movers have all the proper packing supplies to handle safe transit of delicate items, so all of your precious technology arrives safely at your new home.

Before the move, you want to purchase insurance for highly valuable pieces of technology, such as an AVID you use to edit film for your marketing job or a special medical instrument. Finally, back up all essential files and data prior to your move. If you rely on your computer for business and personal financial purposes, consider having an interim computer on back up, which you can use when your main computer is in transit.

Hiring A Reliable Moving Company Is Quick and Easy

Ensure your delicate items make it safely to your new home! Contact the moving and packing team at Magic Moving today for a free quote for your big move. Give us a call today at 877-246-2442 or use our online contact form for quick and easy estimate! 

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