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Packing Tips from a San Ramon Moving Company

Whether you’re doing most of the work by yourself or hiring a good San Ramon moving company, there’s no denying that packing for a move can be very stressful. It never feels like you have enough time to get everything ready for your moving day, and you’re always worried that you might lose something. Fortunately, there are some things that you can do to make things a little easier.

Make a Checklist

Before you start packing anything for your move, make a checklist of everything you need to do. This should include a list of essentials that you should pack first, who you should contact if you’re planning on hiring San Ramon movers, what packing materials you need to buy, and when you should start packing your belongings. Your list can be as long as you need it to be, but it should at least have this information on it. 

Make a Budget

Moving can get more expensive than you might think. On top of budgeting for San Ramon moving companies and buying packing materials, you might have to take some time off of work to make sure that you have enough time to pack. After you put together a checklist of everything you need to do, start thinking about how much all of it will cost. You might have to make some adjustments to your list depending on your budget, but the last thing you want is to find yourself unable to cover all of your expenses on your moving day. 

Declutter Your Home

Packing your belongings is much more difficult if your home is hopelessly cluttered, so take some time to clean things up and make sure everything is where it needs to be. Knowing where everything is and having some free space in your home will lower your stress levels significantly.

Have an Essentials Tote Ready to Go

You’d be surprised at what you don’t need during the first few days in a new home. Basically, all you really need is some clothes, food, a few cooking utensils, some toiletries, and a bed. While nobody can expect you to pack up your bed and have it ready to go, you can have some clothes and some non-perishable foods ready to go in an “essentials” tote. Keep this set aside so you can have easy access to it when you arrive in your new home.

Pack for an Hour a Day

If you’re stressed out about finding enough time to pack your belongings, try setting aside one hour every day to just pack. Set a timer, decide what you can put into boxes that day, and put all of it away. You’ll still probably have some work to do on your moving day, but most of your belongings should be packed in boxes by then.

Looking for Great San Ramon Movers?

Even when you take these tips into account, moving into a new home can be stressful. If you need some extra help, don’t hesitate to contact Magic Moving and ask about our moving and storage services.

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